The International Consortium of Completely Useless Measurements (ICCUM) is an international regulatory body founded in 2022 according to the Charter for Transcribing Impractical or Misused Measurements, Year 2022 (TIMMY22). The Consortium exists for the defiance of the International System of Units (SI), to needlessly complicate and preserve various methods and units of Measure for posterity and maximal confusion.

As recorded in TIMMY22 Section 1.3.2:

The ICCUM is thus founded to serve the following goals:

1. The preservation of existing systems of Measure, and their units, regardless of historical importance, and their conversion to and from the equivalent SI units.

2. The devising of new systems of measure, alongside their conversion rates, for introduction and diversification of Measure.

3. The defiance of SI, although never through violence or harassment, by dissemination of information and noncompliance with the regime’s standard.

4. The safeguarding of the future of Measure, by reconditioning brainwashed SI believers, freeing the shackles of Measure through continued disuse of SI units, and dissemination of information in benefit of the ICCUM’s other causes/

The ICCUM is a non-profit designed to poorly combat the increased unification and de-diversification of the measurements used in the modern day, in addition to introducing new measurements for the purpose of needlessly complicating scientific and daily discussion, and providing members with additional resume fluff.

We are currently in the process of recruiting and forming the Consortium's first General Body. If you are interested, or have nothing better to do, Application details are here. Further details will be released once the Consortium is organized.